Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Tuesday Trio of sounds...By Saul Wilks

Time for a little dig into my box of tricks for some big fun and mid week dancing... Some massive weekends coming up for me at the moment starting with Sir John Moralles at the Horse and Groom this weekend followed by our very own 'Boogie Cartel Presents' night next weekend at the same venue...

To say I'm a little excited to see one of the true New York pioneers in the intimate venue that is the Horse and Groom is an understatement of a rather big magnitude

To celebrate these glorious facts, here's a few tasters of the sorts of sounds I'm looking forward to hearing, dropping and more importantly, getting down to over the following week. A mixed threesome which all hold a different vibe but all devastatingly ace.

Enjoy the grooves and spread some love...

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