Saturday, 3 September 2011

Something special from the mills of Woolrich...By Saul Wilks

I mentioned I was getting all manor of bargains lately didn't I? Well I managed to land this amazing Woolrich Trail parka from an A/W or two back in mint condition and still with tags from the 'Dope Factory' in Italy...

With the price tag still displaying a rather royal sum of 448 euros I managed to get this shipped for the more princely sum of 160 Great British pounds... Yes, Jammy vagina I know!

I can't seem to stop hitting up those golden snap deals at the moment, I've got more arriving soon in the post but I wanted to wait until this one was actually in hand before posting about it as the details of this jacket just have to be shown off. I'm extremely happy with it.

Coming in ripstop nylon with 100% wool inner this jacket is warmer than a woolly back mammoths coat and will withstand the rain, drizzle and all those other nasty outdoor elements. The details and features are pretty much endless and I could rattle on with a load of technical bollocks but then I'm not so much as an anorak but more of an admirer of true craftsmanship, so instead of me spaffing on I'll let the photos do the talking... Behold my new number one winter jacket. Ace.

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