Monday, 5 September 2011

Winter Is Upon Us.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

"What a summer that was!"....... or not as the case may be and it's time for my creation above to pack his sunglasses away for another 6 month's.
I love summer and winter equally but what I love about winter most is the jackets and heavy denim and boot's ready to be flung into action and so my search to complete a colder wardrobe is in full swing.
Kicking thing's off to the best possible start is for the jacket of the season out of the label's I'm into I just couldn't say no - the limited new Cameraman from Mr Cabourn...... easily his finest yet.

Waxed cotton upper in a gorgeous tan with Harris tweed lower section.
Nut button's and his focal point military metal clasp closures.
Fully lined in beige cotton.
Made in England and with a lot of love, almost as much love as what I'll be putting into it.... no, not like that you sick puppy, keep your filthy mind to yourself I'm talking wear'ability.
This month I'll be polishing off my winter wear's and tear thank's to a healthy discount. Expect tweed, cord and wool to be blogged that will see me through to the next time (like my man above) I unfold my sunglasses.


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