Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Acid Magic.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

For the music head's amongst you who read this blog I'm sure that the DJ duo Aeroplane will be known by you and are still loved by many even after their eventual split over musical differences and direction.
Aeroplane still continues today as one half while Stephan Fasano reworked himself as "The Magician" playing similar records as they did as a duo.
I used to love Aeroplane and I will still sit there and listen to what is put out by both Aeroplane and the Magician although my taste's have veered off slightly no one can deny how great they were together and also now on their own.
I don't think I would have blogged about either of them though if truth be told until I heard the news from Switzerland the weekend.

The Magician jet's around the world playing various parties and clubs and obviously loves doing so, I saw his notification on Facebook that he was playing in Bern Switzerland and that he was looking forward to playing.
Then on the Sunday there was a message asking for witnesses to come forward with evidence after he was hospitalised as someone walked up to where he was DJ'ing and through acid in his face at 2:30am.
Shocking really, I just couldn't help thinking why ? for what reason ? and then after all that why in Switzerland of all places ? I mean they keep their noses clean, stay out of world war's and sit on the fence but turn up and play electronic disco and you'll get a face full of acid. Weird.
You'll be pleased to know he's well and doing fine and was posting on Facebook today so not as bad as what I thought had happened, but still there's thing's that happen in the world and although this is minor in comparison I just thought what a pointless act from a pointless human being.

So be warned if your DJ'ing in Switzerland anytime take some fine chocolates or a good clock/watch with you and it just might save you a face full of acid.

Anyroad while I'm here speaking about him for those that don't know of him I'll put some of his work up and his mixes which are always numbered as "magic tape 12" and 13, and 14 and so on, some of it is great some of it is not my cup of tea but you can make your own mind's up on his electronic disco synthy pop and beat's.
He does rework Tyson records though and Tyson is a firm favourite of mine so there is a little spark there....

Magic Tapes by TheMagician

Tracks and Remixes by TheMagician

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