Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hertitage Research Nantucket...By Saul Wilks.

Continuing on from my last post, I recently notched up another fine bargain that makes you realise that although eBay is a hot bed of tossers , you really can pick up some amazing clobber from time to time, which probably makes it worthwhile to have an account on there.

Take this current season Heritage Research Nantucket jacket for example. I paid less than a fifth of it's current retail price and I really can't have any complaints. I've been lusting about this jacket since I first seen the collection promo shots and had earmarked to have a pop at it come sale time.

Heritage Research has come under some scrutiny of late, appearing to have sold itself out in the same ways the likes oft One True Saxon have in the past, but I thought from the start that this seasons collection has been one of the best since the label first starting appearing in the likes of Oi Polloi a few years back. Whatever your stance on the matter, there's no mistaking that the quality hasn't gone AWOL.

The Nantucket jacket certainly installs faith in this rhetoric. With a magnitude of thoughtful details and features, it's certainly a stand out piece for me, and the fact that it's released in a gorgeous green waxed cotton pretty much assures it as a sure fire winner. A quality garment and perfect for the colder days that are just around the corner.

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