Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Few sound's for you filthy animal's out there.... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Sometime's I do enjoy some slo-mo records and I am quite enjoying this coked up disco rock edit of why did you do it by Margaret Singana, not much change to the original but a touch more beat up and a tad groovier.
Make sure you click the individual song as whatever track is highlighted is what will play.

Below that is another slow burner in Jean Plum's Here I go again edit, slow enough and enjoyable enough for making love to or just sitting on your own with a tab of acid..... or both, why not get both of those option's on the go obviously starting off on your own, then the acid, then the love making.
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Another pick for me is Millie Jackson's Get out and get some, doing the job this Wednesday night.

All edit's by DiscoTech from Sweden.

Disco Tech Edits Pack Vol. 2 by Disco Tech

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