Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Boogie Cartel Saturday...... by Shaun Dangerfield.

I'm not going to tell you the record's that will be aired but instead tease you with a few photo's of artist's that look highly likely to be making an appearance (today that is..... tomorrow might be a different story).
If you know them then you win..... the satisfaction of knowing just who they are. And that is worth more than any prize I can possibly offer you, so it's more of a quiz.
But a quiz that isn't answered, so in reality it isn't a quiz..... more of a guessing game.
I hope I've cleared that up.

And last but not least I found this clip uploaded from a very kind friend of the man on the phone "Craig".
Not only does it just sum up most phone call's at 6am on a Sunday morning on the way home from a heavy night out, but it speak's volumes for those on the Disco circuit and I could put at least 10 people in this clip and believe it was them...... I am of course the Unicorn.

Horse Meat Disco Answer Phone Message - Just for Laughs by 10K-Hiss

The Sinister Music Quiz....or not.

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