Wednesday, 2 November 2011

See sucker and Chambray...Saul Wilks

I had a pretty top weekend just gone, instead of gallivanting or being stuck in work I spend it catching up with old faces from the past I hadn't seen for some time and also had the pleasure of having my girlfriend down for a couple of days which was all good.

We ended up doing a little bit of unplanned shopping and, as is usually the case in such scenarios, I ended up coming back with a few unplanned and unexpected gems I managed to land two cracking shirts from Ralph Lauren, one of which I've been salivating over for quite some time - this seasons Red sports chambray and seeing as good things come in two's I also landed a rather snappy see-sucker effort from Mr Lauren as well.

Both are instant favourites and the good fortune makes up for being messed around a week or two ago for a Steven Alan see sucker I was hunting.

Usually I'd waffle on with a load of jazz about how killer both these shirts are but instead I'll leave the pictures do the talking as I'm pretty sure the quality and undeniable coolness of each does a much better job than my over exuberant enthusiasm could...

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