Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

It's that time of year again, look at this couple beaming with xmas pride, nobody loves Christmas more than this guy, and bells ? she couldn't get any more bells on her jumper if she tried.... the lucky thing.
Just spent the day with Saul and his beautiful girlfriend Fabian exchanging a few early gifts which was great but nowhere near as important as spending a bit of time together and bringing home the point that it's not about gifts or coca cola trucks or any commercial nonsense it's about spending time with those you love, so although the couple above with their shocking dress sense are pretty scary and seem to be holding a dead baby donkey on her lap they've got each other which is what matters.
I don't have a great memory of Christmas, growing up in a family that due to religious belief didn't celebrate it and so I found it hard to see the good in xmas. I'm not bitter but I was constantly left wondering where my present's were. Was it because my house had no chimney for Santa to get down and obviously wouldn't have my front door key ? Were my family actually not religious and were just tight ? I think deep down a bit of both.
After a pretty heavy Christmas eve when I was younger and waking up on xmas day in a band stand in Shropshire with snow falling around me I soon realised that it wasn't about gifts but also that it wasn't about being a waster either, so what does Christmas hold ? is it about paying £7 for your kids to visit a Santa Claus that wreak's of beer and shakily passes them a 50p chocolate selection box ? errrr maybe. Or the £5 photo proof so that when they are 17 you can show them that you took them to sit on an alcoholic's knee who was wearing a wig & beard to hide their identity ? Yes of course, that's exactly what Christmas is about....
No it's not I'm only messin' it's all about the birth of Jesus..... apart from the fact that the 25th wasn't his date of birth which is confusing really. So after all this my own conclusion is in fact that Christmas is about a massive turkey, the bigger the better and a turkey so big it look's exactly like your grandmother with no head, the biggest Roast beast within your postcode, something so big you name it, you name it something beastly like George.... or Alan, Alan the fucking monster Turkey with all kind's of different stuffing shoved up his arse.
It's good to remember what it's all about.
Merry Christmas from Sinister.....

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