Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Eve..... by Shaun Dangerfield.

Hope all you lovely people out there had a time and half this end of year ?
Hell of a time, in a good way.
Booked up to play 2 parties was only going to end up one way, a mess, and we didn't fail to deliver.

Playing at the capital's disco pub first off in the legendary Horse & Groom hitting the decks at 11pm with Gary playing sweet beautiful music that was as comforting to your ears as much as removing and melting a huge wax build up.... instantly satisfying and so much goodness for your lug holes.
I played into the end of his set getting on at 11:50 and bringing in 2012 was a pleasure before Tom and Sinister's Saul put the crowd into an orgasmic state..... heavy words I know, but it was class.

We then headed over to the White Horse in Hoxton to play at Feel My Bicep's new year party getting on the decks at 4:30am and playing through til 7, good times and a great party, I won't put too much up now as once  we have all the photo's and music together we'll put it all together but seeing as I had plenty of time on my hand's today I thought I'd share the midnight set I did with you.....

New Years Eve 2011 Boogie Cartel midnight set by Captain Turtle

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