Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stately homes and Strolls - A photographic diary...By Saul Wilks

I've been having a right royal time with my camera of late, hence all the photo diaries that I've been sticking up. This small collection of pictures were taken at a local historical landmark, Tredegar House, which has stood in Newport for over 600 years. The house that is visible today dates back to the 1600 when it was owned by the Morgan family and later Lord Tredegar himself. Being somewhat of a History buff and with a vivid imagination to boot, I had a pretty ace time exploring the old coach yards, now green with moss and weeds, walking the long and expansive grounds and idling time away by the crystal clear lakes imagining who might have traced the same footsteps in days gone by.

Aside from its obvious beauty this magnificent house also holds a certain irony, unless you were aware of its presence then you wouldn't know it was there as it's now located in the middle of a less than desirable estate. Where once the scent of hanging game perhaps peppered the air and the echo of horse hoofs reverberated  around the grand court yards, now linger the aroma of dog feces and car exhaust fumes. Life eh?

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