Monday, 9 January 2012

Wardrobe Snap.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I love looking into people's wardrobe's, I love having a good nose at people's footwear in their own home's, seeing the wear & tear and how they have it all arranged, sad I know but I can't help loving it, sifting through someone's record collection and wardrobe tell's that person's life story, which is pretty much a good portion of this blog in the form of me and Saul sharing our find's, want's and buy's be it music or clobber or footwear.
Having a mild form of OCD has it's upside's and it's downsides, everything's pretty tidy which is always a good thing but I find myself going into the wardrobe room and straightening all the hanger's, or moving them into equal distances away from each other. I've had them in colour order but then I found myself wanting to buy item's to even the colour out.... a bit radio rental I know.
After shifting quite a few bit's on it's created a nice space that I thought I'd share, a bit of clean living where everything currently fit's but is still spacious enough for the forthcoming spring and summer for a couple of bit's.
I'd love to start a blog for everyone to share photo's of their own wardrobe's and living space, I'm sure I'm not the only nosey parka who loves a look.

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