Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Bit Of Boogie Cartel Editing... by Shaun Dangerfield

As you are fully aware if you are a regular passer by me and Saul make up 50% of the Boogie Cartel which is a night we put on with Tom and Gary playing through a range of music that make's us tick, Disco, Boogie, House, Soul, Funk anything with a heavy groove killer vocal's and heavy beat's.
Music has been and always will be a massive part of our live's, it's in our blood, it's what we're about and it's how we all come together.

We have been delving in a little further in recent time's and started doing our own Boogie Cartel edit's and remixes and eventually our own work from scratch.
We have our first vinyl pressing in the pipeline and to celebrate that we are giving away a few free WAV format edit's, stuff we play ourselves and just stuff we are into so I'll keep posting them up and if you like it feel free to download them and show them some love and care.

The Fern Kinney edit is a song I love but was way too short and was very hard to mix in and out of, so I have extended the intro and outro and beefed up the part's I love.

The Barbara Norris edit again the original was all over the place so I've put an extended new intro for mixing purposes and beefed up and extended all the bit's that make the original what it is, I've heard a couple of remixes of this and none of them stayed with her vocal editing her out which is a crime really as it's so sleazy and great to work with so I've highlighted parts of her and also kept the whole vocal in.

Hope you enjoy

Shaun / Captain Turtle.

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