Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Peggs & Son Brighton.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I always like to give credit to the shop's, place's & people that deserve it.
In the modern world of Boutique's being so far up their own arses and established shop's being exactly the same with the added bonus of having the personality of a bottle of ketchup it's nice to know of places that are still happy to go out of their way for you to either source what your looking for or give you accurate sizing and measurement's to make sure you get what your looking for.
Peggs & Son down on the south coast in Brighton are one such place serving up great clothing and footwear with very helpful staff.
Established in 2000 with a vision to source and sell the clothing that they would quite simply want to wear themselves.

"Style is the answer to everything....
Fashion's of British youth movement's over the last century have shaped the way we dress. All have been innovative in combining styles and clothing from abroad with traditional, locally produced gear. It's something we are good at here at Peggs & Son, we celebrate that"

Couldn't really put it better myself and a passion we share at Sinister Delicious.
If they are not on you're radar yet then check out their great selection of label's available on the website....
Expect fantastic denim and cutting edge clothing mixed in with a healthy source of classic styling topped off beautifully with knowledgeable and passionate staff ready to help.

I contacted them hoping that they could help me with a size that wasn't available online of the Folk washed red rain mac, within 2 day's of my email it was sent and in my hand's ready to wear, you can't ask for any more than that.

So next up ticked off on the wish list is this Folk washed red rain mac with detachable inner phone pocket, mesh lined with a vented back seam.
A lightweight cotton that I can only describe as (for those of you reading who remember them) similar to Mandarina Duck's paper jacket's that they we're churning out a few years ago, a crisp crinkly thin material perfect for summer, very lightweight and easy on the eye, not a full length mac before you think flasher material, coming to just around thigh length on me.
I know my taste isn't for everyone so if you don't like the red their are brown and navy alternative's to get your mitt's on.

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