Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hand made for the feet...By Saul Wilks

After a substantial (late) Christmas bonus, I took to the streets of London Friday just to seek out some new purchases, something I haven't had the means to do for a long time indeed.

Hitting up the usual spots such as Number 6, Son of a Stag, Goodhood, Oliver Spencer etc, I came away with a couple of bags of some of the finest clothing and footwear around and my bank account was a few quid lighter by the end, make no mistake.

While at Goodhood (possibly the best shop in London - just putting that out there) I copped for a shoe that has been on my radar for quite some time now - the Cognac Suede Blucher... And what a fine shoe it is.

I managed to cop these at sale price, which was still pretty handsome, but boy are they worth it. Some serious Summer vibes going on with these - Over to my trusty EOS 400D to explain more !

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