Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Under a Japanese Spell... By Saul Wilks.

I choose my purchases wisely these days, seldom having large quantities to have to flitter away on purchases that won't get the wear so while undertaking last Fridays aforementioned shopping trip I promised myself I'd have a good look around before choosing a new jacket to buy...

My self made promise lasted until around 9.30AM when I bowled into Son of Stag just off Brick Lane. Not realising it wasn't actually open yet I went about clawing through the racks of exotic and wonderfully rare labels that they stock there - Son of a Stag is really under rated in my book and doesn't get the credence it truly deserves. It carries a lot of Japanese and American Heritage / Work wear inspired clothing and with it probably the best selection of denim in the capital.

Now I'd be lying if I said that I'd ever been that interested in a lot of the Japanese gear that's about. A lot of the associated labels quite frankly bore the happy socks off my feet and are usually just a tad expensive more suited to city boys (if they have style) rather than your normal lad into his cloth, plus I find that whole look to be pretty battered now, however - Spell Bound is one that has always caught my eye from this cache.

It was no surprise then that I ended up copping for this quite stunning Apple Green hooded Summer effort from the ultra fine Japanese outfit. It was a pretty perfect choice and although not what I had envisaged (originally setting out to have a nose at the Batten Parkas) I was more than happy with my decision.

Apart from the fact that this was one of only three that was being carried in the UK, I can safely say that I wont be bumping into hundreds of chaps bursting around London in the same jacket as me, which for anyone who has bought the likes of Norse Projects, Penfield, Suit, Universal Works etc over the past few seasons will quite readily testify.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Linda from SOAS for sorting me out with a more than generous price, especially as this was fresh in that morning and hadn't been labelled up yet!

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