Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two old Favourites...By Saul Wilks

Two of the most consistently ace labels around are also two of my favourites... Both Oliver Spencer and Our Legacy have held a steady presence in my wardrobe for a long while now with Oliver Spencer in particular probably being the most prominent.

While on Fridays expedition I tried to take my attention off outwear and stock up on some basics for the coming months and I landed two really top bits, the Our Legacy Great Sweat in red marl and the S/S multi stripe Oliver Spencer pocket tee.

I love the Great sweat from Our Legacy, it's a stone cold classic and probably the best affordable example of a sweat jersey I've found to date - a fact both Shaun and I agree on and for that reason I've always had a couple floating about for the days when comfort comes before necessity.

Dangerfield copped for this colour of Great Sweat a month of two back when it hit the shelves and to be honest I couldn't resist either - it's definitely the nicest colour way Our Legacy have released to date and the softness and pure gorgeousness of it is pretty stellar.

Moving onto the Oliver Spencer multi stripe tee and this was an absolute steal! I managed to snare this one for £33, which let us be frank is a bit of a touch.

Again the quality is there in the label, Oliver Spencer turns out some of the best clothing here in the UK and I can't get enough of it - that simple, elegant, unhurried coolness is testament to the ethos behind the brand and Oliver Spencer himself. It's British, and that's cool.

One for the Summer no doubt...

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