Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Holy Grail(ish)...By Saul Wilks

You always hear chaps going on about their holy grail - usually some ultra rare Massimo Osti production or a pair of mint obscure city series Adidas rarities.

I've never really had a holy grail as such, I tend to be realistic when it comes to tracking down clothing although this past seasons Oliver Spencer Travel jacket in Sultan Green has been one garment I've been searching high and low for.

I couldn't get the £350 asking price together when it was at full RRP, so like many I waited for the sales only to watch in horror as everywhere sold out almost instantly. I did manage to source one from some unknown and unused horsey gents shop from down South somewhere but annoyingly, after carrying out the transaction I had a dear John email through a day later.

You can imagine then, after tracking the ends of the internet to try and find one of these gorgeous jackets I was thrilled to walk into the new Soho Oliver Spencer and find one laid out fresh that morning.

How and why it hadn't sold online i'm not sure as it certainly wasn't on there the 100 odd times I double checked - anyhow, some things are meant to be I guess?

Double Thanks to Tom and company for opening the doors up after they'd locked them so I could fulfill whats probably the closest thing to a grail I've had for time.

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