Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Simple cut's.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Straight out the parcel and onto the Sinister Delicious slab for inspection.
While my Sinister compadre hang's his head in shame today over his own recklessness I find myself unfortunately straight headed and on the level, which is good because I got to take in a few parcels and enjoy the whole opening ceremony but also bad because to be quite honest I would have loved to be in the pickle he was (and still is).
Saul Wilks.... The only person I know who goes out for a haircut and a new pair of Persol sunglasses and turn's up 21 hours later £150 down. He's such a playboy.

Snap my fingers aaaaaaaannnnd back to me.
A few fresh pieces en'route but turning up today was the racing green Baracuta G9 that I intend to live in this summer along with my other harrington's.
Nice to still buy pieces now that look as good as they did when I first bought into them 14 years ago and I would imagine that I'll still have one or 2 Baracuta's knocking about in my wardrobe in another 15 years.
Next up are a little denim project that I thought I would start/share on Sinister, a pair of Albam sample selvedge loose denim.
They were labelled as loose denim but I'm pretty sure these are samples of the workwear jean that they had for a season or two a couple of years back as I had a pair and loved them.
Seeing as my day work is very hand's on and I usually use my heavily worn denim for my work at the end of their beautiful lives I thought I'd start with a pair and finish with them and see how we go, I'll do a 6 monthly check in August/September time and show the wear and tear.

Last but not least last summer I trotted around for a while in Common People's Crosby ginger suede shoe
with red brick sole which I loved but unfortunately didn't fair well in the raving establishment's I frequented.
Luckily I managed to pick up a fresh pair still in the sale's sitting there like a lost puppy wanting me to take it home and give it the love they deserve, I'm an old softy like that and took them in to give them the care they so crave for.

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