Friday, 30 March 2012

Flower's.... Good or Bad ? Shaun Dangerfield

Who care's I love the old floral garment's, and that's all that matter's.
So where we gonna go with this ? an arrangement on the dinner table ? "Sorry" flowers because I went out for 48 hours and didn't call home ? or how about we slam a large rose design on a scarf and see what happens.
This is what happen's.

The Hill Side.
Don't worry I won't be wearing it with the Engineered Garments floral ground jacket I picked up the start of last year, I'd be like a human bouquet, petal heaven.
But I will enjoy getting some wear out of this.
And seeing as I've literally hammered all my white canvas trab's I picked up some fresh looking Jack Purcell's for the more chilled time I spend out.

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