Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Summer Tee Party...By Saul Wilks

This weather, crazy right? Last week we were basking in hot climes, this week there's a whitewash of snow. You'd be forgiven to think the end of the world was coming or something, still, if it is then I intend to go out in style and lots of it.

To help me on my way for the Summer months I invested in a couple of essential tees and I can safely say it was money put to good use, but then these things are important and a heavy supply of decent t-shirts comes top of the agenda when the mercury rises.

Moving onto business, there's a couple of boxes that need to be ticked when I'm searching out possible tee purchases. This APC number ticked every box and earned a big fat shiny star for its efforts. Killer ain't it? Proper ace stuff from the Parisian label and definitely in line for a good hammering when the sun's high in the sky, to simplify - I'll wear this to death. For sixty bucks I can't complain and dare I say it, I doubt I'll find something more suited to my tastes again. Ever.

You can't go far wrong when your throw some Ralph into the mixer and when you add hints of nautical chic into the equation you've got a tasty sum that'll make me part with the Queens head. Another great example of the perfect Summer tee. Nice and light, ace quality and spot on for a mid morning totter down to the green with your disposable BBQ in tow. Another that I'll wear to death and a timeless classic - which is pretty much the epitome of Ralph Lauren in my eyes.

Last but not least I took a 40 bar swipe at this tasty little Penfield number. Unfortunately, Penfield seems to have a stigma attached to it after being completely raped by the masses over the past two years but when they bring out simple, quality garments like this I'll always revert back with my cash. A lot's said about the standard of quality in mass produced items, but hand on heart I can honestly say that for 40 quid you wont do better.
Aside from the fact that it's striped, there's some nice detail on this that make it perfect for slotting in a Summer wardrobe and along with it's new stable mates, makes up a pretty ace trio of tees ready to get busted out when the weather decides what it's doing.

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