Monday, 19 March 2012

Weekend Waxing & Update.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Wednesday evening I set up camp with some hot water and a tin of wax and got stuck into my Oliver Spencer pole jacket that was filthier than Sinister founder Saul..... and he's extremely filthy.
Cleaned it down and waxed it up and it's gleaming again.
Much better looking than when I bought it as I love the wear and tear that sizzle's through.
All those crease mark's and line's that have been appearing the past 2 years are now fade line's but with the wax coating it's all showing up beautifully, all the indigo marks on the inner from my denim and grazes from night's out are highlighting the character of the jacket and it just make's it all that bit tastier up close.

Few photo's now from last week's jaunt which I ended up finishing on Sunday with some beach time and some evening sunset.

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