Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bargain Essentials...By Saul Wilks

I can't speak for everyone but I feel it's an important factor that among the oranges, reds and greens, hoods, zips, waxed cottons, cashmere's and most intricate treasures of our wardrobe, there's a strong foundation of the basics and classics.

I've been a little quiet on the buying front of late, channeling my funds into other avenues and pursuits, but then I've always got a few extra quid to spend when there's a bargain to be had and I've always managed to sniff them out.

Take these classic button down Ralph Lauren Oxfords I copped for at the weekend - I had the both of them for £80, which isn't a bad days work, bolstering up my shirt selection while I was at it which is something I've been meaning to do in preparation for summer anyway, so it was bit of a winner.

Although nothing ground breaking or fancy, these are a typical, classic button down design with the added inclusion of a button flap pocket which is a nice little detail to boot. It makes for a perfect shirt both for smarter or more formal occasions.

With one crisp light blue and the other a cheeky shade of lilac, this pair will get a good wear this summer no doubt and just goes to show that there's quality garments to be had when you're not looking to take your overdraft into deep space nine in the quest of a tasty wardrobe.

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