Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Return of the Mac...By Saul Wilks

More Bargain fodder i'm afraid, this time coming from stalwart Sinister Delicious favourite, You Must Create.

I remember driving to the beautiful rural town of Monmouth many moons ago to snare the hounds tooth hooded windbreaker that YMC brought out the same season as this.

Being a little less wiser and a little more broke, I couldn't stretch to the Mac nor did I feel comfortable walking around in one, but then time changes you I guess and when I saw this going for a pittance on eBay I was compelled to snap it up.

It's hooded cohort went a long time ago, shipped off somewhere in the world to an eager young tyke just finding his feet with his clobber - that's what I derived from it anyway.

Anyhow, I present the Hounds Tooth YMC summer mac... Another chunk of bargain that just can't be missed.

Pretty damn dandy for forty bar!

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