Friday, 25 May 2012

A Lazy Summer's Afternoon - A Photographic Diary...By Saul Wilks

There's nothing like kicking back with a box of Corona, a couple of fresh limes and taking in some rays (any excuse to batter the kjobenhavn's)

That's pretty much exactly what's been taking up my time and it's been too nice - I could easily get used to such an easy go lifestyle.

When weather like this graces us, I'm lucky in the fact that my apartment happens to be right by the waterfront, although taking into consideration this is Newport South Wales as opposed to Newport California, that probably doesn't count for much. Still, we all like maxing in the sunshine and that'exactly what was on the agenda this afternoon with a pal of mine.

You might ask why I bothered taking my camera out for such a non de-script occasion, but then it's days like today that are just as important to me as the expeditions to history steeped ruins, vineyards in France and the streets of Amsterdam.

Anyhow, I won't yammer on too much with this one, partly because I'm so lax I can't be twatted and pretty much because the snaps say it all really.

Enjoy the weekend, bon voyage !

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