Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tiny Trabs.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Why do kids trainers always look better than adult models ? 
I'm not sure if it's because I'm a size 10 and my footwear look's clumpier but kids trabs just look better.
It's been a long road since I got over my trainer fetish and sold all my trainers, I was only chatting last night on the phone with Sinister Saul about this but when I'd had enough and sold all my pairs for a ridiculous amount of money on the bay of doom I never looked back apart from some plain canvas plimsole's.
I found myself yesterday drawn to a few different pairs so maybe I'll try another pair soon, who know's but picking the kids up some treats certainly repaired some of my long lost trainer fetish and I knew I was on the road to recovery as I nearly pulled the trigger the other month on the multi coloured New Balance x Milk Crate efforts that we're extremely hyped up (which put me off in the end). 

Red Superga size 1 
I had a funny old conversation with the girl in the shop over Superga.
As she was moaning about how popular they've got as she started wearing these over a year ago when they first came out ? 
Made me feel old anyway and I didn't want to highlight the time I imported my first pair from Italy for £15 or the fact that they've got a hundred years of history behind them.

After that for the little blonde nipper I chose some purple Vans.
Just need to swap the black laces for white and it should see her right with this summer that's finally just hit us, expect some standard footwear photo's when I get back next weekend along with some other pieces I've picked up this week but I'm too lazy to host today.

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