Saturday, 2 June 2012

An Evening at Exmouth Market - A Photographic Diary...By Saul Wilks

It's always a massive downer coming back to rainy Wales after an extended stint in my second home of London. If we're honest, there's no where that touches the place in this country and it's pretty special at this time of year.

During my time spent in the capital this past week I've mainly been ducking in and out of tapas bars, teaching my girl the finer arts of foosball and supping Estrella from the bottle, it's been pretty top.

As well as living the life of a true man of leisure I took in some retail therapy by completely hammering the Goodley PR sample sale where some of my favourite labels were there for the complete and utter taking (more on that during the coming week including a couple of 'latest pick up posts')

With the art of buying greatly reduced clothing aside, one fine London evening we strolled on up to Exmouth market for some quality Mediterranean cuisine, some fine white wine and some good honest fun -  destroying my missus in foosball probably being the highlight, gentleman that I am.

I love Exmouth market, it's one of those hidden little gems that has a really laid back cosmopolitan vibe about it, you know the crack - everyone drinking outside, lots of sophisticated chaps and chapettes sitting around discussing the trivia's of life and love and it's the perfect place to sit back and watch the big bright world go by.

Michael Palin patter aside, we made it up there just as dusk was hinting at making its appearance and stayed until darkness crept in and the street lights illuminated the fine characteristics that Exmouth market has in abundance... Believe it or not but I had my camera with me and I happily snapped away at some of the scenes that captured my imagination; The charming traditional tiling of the pubs, the shade of green on the chilled wine bottles and a couple of those lovely clothing detail shots that I love to chuck into the mixer.

All in all, it was a fine way to spend a summer's evening in one of my favourite places in London.

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