Sunday, 3 June 2012

Batten Sportwear Travel Shell...By Saul Wilks

Okay, before I start I just need to say one thing; I take back all the reservations that I initially had about Batten Sportswear. The hype surrounding the Brooklyn based label reached fever pitch when numerous photos of colourful parkas and vivid summery shorts started appearing all over the internet. On first glances I couldn't muster up the same enthusiasm that was cooking from New York to Newcastle, because after all, hooded shell parkas are nothing new.

It's no secret that Shinya Hasegawa was schooled by the legendary Daiki Suzuki, serving under him at Woolrich Woolen Mills for a four year tenure that's easily identifiable when looking at Batten Sportwear. It's fair to say that some of those fine functional details that can be found on iconic WWM garments such as the Trail Parka are evident in my latest purchase - the Travel Shell Parka in Brick Orange.

The day I let the burnt orange 6876 Capendula go for a song on eBay often replays in my dreams after a late night cheese binge and ever since I've searched for a worthy replacement in the same colour and it would seem that I've finally found it with this fine specimen of jacket.

At this point I'd like to state that this is by far the sexiest, most good looking and fine fitting parka that I've ever owned or bought. I'm not even joking, it's a thing of proper beauty. I know I often get excited with new purchases and afford lavish praise on each new buy but I'm as keen as mustard for this, it's an amazing bit of kit made even better by the fact that I snared it with a ton slashed off the price tag.

All in all I'm ecstatic with this, just in case you hadn't noticed like, so in true Sinister Delicious style I braved the elements on this miserable Jubilee Sunday to go and get some snaps out in the field and the tropical Welsh climate was the perfect compliment to test the more technical specifications of this killer piece of outwear.

You know the score from here on in, cue plenty of posing and action shots.

Business as usual then...

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