Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sun-drenched sounds... By Saul Wilks

Days like today are glorious... I've been having some pure relaxation time while enjoying the great weather that has finally arrived after weeks of rain.

I was digging through my records earlier, enjoying the music and sunshine when I came across this great album by Aurra which is pressed on the Rams Horn label - a boogie funk favourite. It's loaded with some proper quality guitar ridden grooves and tracks that make me smile and cut rug in equal measures.

I can't remember buying it or where I picked it up from but it's perfect fodder for blasting out of your balcony window / patio doors (delete as appropriate), so being the kind of fella I am I've added a couple of my favourite tracks off the album for your listening pleasure...If you're a fan of proper funk bass lines, sweet harmonised vocals and generally ace sounding music then you'll no doubt enjoy this post.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy the sounds and afford yourself a little dance... Boss


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  2. Thought this came out on Salsoul, was it reissued on Rams Horn? Bassline on 'Nasty Disposition' is killer

  3. You're spot on Jack, first released by Salsoul in 81 and then re-released on Ramshorn in 84 - Great album!