Friday, 4 May 2012

Walk-Over..... by Shaun Dangerfield

A little treat of a bargain here, I'm not usually one for going in TK Maxx as I feel like I need a good wash when I walk out of them but after a little heads up of some decent footwear being in my local one I thought I'd take a look armed with my wallet and a bar of soap.

After watching a few "lad's" mauling away at the various espadrilles on offer I spotted these beautiful dirty buck longwings from Walk-Over footwear in America for the ridiculous price of £30, probably the best bargain I've had since the haul of Mandarina Duck jackets in TK's 10 or so years back.

Walk-Over have a shoe making history spanning over 250 years, pretty impressive and specialize in Saddle shoes and various buck's.
With a very similar collection to Mark Mcnairy they make classic footwear with modern twists, I'm not into all the high grade colour sole's but I can see what their about and appreciate it.

Have a look at their collection here.....

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