Saturday, 9 June 2012

Camp... by Shaun Dangerfield

Camp. That's the first word out of my good lady's mouth when I pulled these last pick up's out the bag.
She's probably right but I love them nonetheless.
I'm not sure what's happening at Baracuta but of recent time's their flash sale's ring alarm bell's, not just because I've always held a special place for the label but the fact that they offload their jacket's for £20 ? which is ridiculous to be honest and I just wonder how many time's they can do that without suffering in the long run.
Not that I argued the fact and happily paid my £24.99 delivered for this dusty pink slim fit G9.
At those prices there is no better quality jacket in the world.
Which again as I said earlier a ridiculous price for such a quality garment.

Next up another summer sale item in the form of Gitman Vintage.
I don't need to say anything about the quality of Gitman it's pretty standard that those who know their shirt's know they make fantastic gear and I've yet to grumble with anything from them.
Coming in navy with a floral pattern and randomly placed butterflies that will make me blend perfectly into a beautiful garden once this summer actually start's..... or I can just wear it in a different world with a large grin getting my rave on. Either way I'm happy.

I Got to sport the Baracuta last night and will probably wear it today as well....just because I can.
Baracuta G9
Hill Side scarf
Albam navy tee
M&S Chino's
Sperry suedes

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