Thursday, 7 June 2012

Swedish Luxury...By Saul Wilks

Thanks to a hook a up from a very good friend of mine I'll be having a nose around London fashion week next Friday and then sharing my musings through the medium of Spoonfed London. This is obviously a pretty ace opportunity and I'm more than looking forward to getting stuck into it.

It has crossed my mind that London fashion week might just be a little pompous and I've indeed seen pictures of blokes dressed in jawa outfits and big beetle crusher shoes which, as you're probably aware, isn't  quite my lick. Fashion's a funny thing and a word I hate using - though having a sneak peek at what the likes of Oliver Spencer and Margaret Howell have to offer us next year is a warming prospect indeed.

With all this bouncing around my head I thought it best to get something to carry my gazetteer instruments around in... Call me cynical but I don't really think my trusty battered checked Barbour Terras really fits the bill too well so today was simply about finding something simple, smart but above all - practical.

I headed into Liberties department store down off Oxford Circus for a nose as my epic adventures around London town's thrift stores and vintage shops from Spitalfields to Notting Hill prior to this heralded nothing apart from sore feet and a good old fashioned summer time soaking courtesy of the weather gods (The Batten came in handy though, so not all doom and gloom)

I'm probably not on my own here, but I wish I had bags of excess cash to fritter away on luxury goods and items such Ally Capellino and Calabrese leather document holders, but even I know that dropping 400 notes on a bag is taking the piss a little bit, so I flicked the devil off my shoulder and headed to exit the store but on my way out I noticed something that really caught my eye.

Sanqvist hails from the Scandinavian outpost of Stockholm and although I've browsed their backpacks before I've never been overly fussed with them. However, I came up trumps today with this handsome canvas and leather strap folder case today. It's perfect for what I was after - Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, nice and lightweight with a spacious compartment and has a plethora of fine classic and contemporary details.

After getting over the brief worry that a strapless folder satchel actually might make me look like I'm carrying a clutch purse, I parted with 50 of the queens English and was incredibly happy with a fine and wise purchase...

Sleek, slender, Swedish and finished with luxury leather - it's like the ultimate brass... If that's your thing.

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