Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coffee Table Reading Part 1...By Saul Wilks

When I'm not obsessing about clothing and music I like to take some time out and get stuck into a decent book... Coffee table book that is.

I've amassed a half decent selection and collection of all weird and wonderful titles, ranging from style to design right through to the worlds 'hipest' hotels, which probably sounds really wanky but is actually pretty ace.

The latest two to take their place in a monthly rotation of which book gets to grace the flat-pack coffee table that adorns my apartment is a retrospective look at the changing faces of Dublin street style and culture.

I'm a sucker for publications such as these as I've always been fascinated with what people were wearing back in the day and the styles that were prominent - especially from a cultural perspective.

Dublin probably isn't the first city that springs to mind when we're talking about style but that's what makes this book so interesting because it's packed full of snaps of teds, mods, skins, punks, rockers, acid casualties, ravers, moshers, skaters, thugs and just about every other kind of working class persona and style you can think of.

I might be on my own here but I can happily sit and gaze at pictures of people whom I shall never meet and wonder what their lives were like and where they are now. Pardon the deepness of my changing tone but it acts as a reminder that life is way too short and it makes me realise that the youngsters in these photos who are having the times of their lifes have lived, loved and in some cases passed away... which scares the hell out of me.

Anyway, the book is from Garry O'Neill and Niall McCormack and is well worth investing in if this is your sort of ticket. I've included a couple of pages to give an idea of what the content is like but it's mainly image after image of nostalgic vibes and that's pretty good with me.

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