Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sample Delights...By Saul Wilks

We'd all be lying if we said we didn't like the thought of a little bit of exclusivity, although achieving that in this day and age, especially when it comes to the cloth you're wearing, is no mean feat.

I've mentioned it a few times now and a few pick ups have made their way onto here, but the Goodley PR sample sale a few weeks back heralded some great new buys, both in terms of uniqueness and for downright bargains.

I always spend a fair few quid in sample sales because it's like having an 80% off sale where the majority of the gear is worth buying, rather than a load of complete tat that will end up on a bloke in the local walkabouts. The Goodley PR sale was no different and my girl greeted me with a somewhat confused look as I struggled up the road to meet her trying to carry about 4 bags of new clobber.

Still, she understands that sample sales are a different kettle of fish and that it IS imperative that you add another jacket to an already bulging rotation and money spent is money well spent. However, trying to convince her that I needed another Orange jacket a day after she received a parcel at her desk containing the Batten parka required all of my boyish charm to pull off.

I clocked this salesman cagoule as soon as I entered the YMC section, probably because it looks like the tango man has paid it a visit but also because I love these kind of jackets. Over the head, loads of pockets, waxed and a nice big hood. Perfect stuff. Plus the rope pull system is pretty damn cool as well - because this is an unreleased sample as well, it means that the likelihood of bumping into some Essex ted bowling around in it is slim to zero.

That evening when I was trying it on in the mirror, letting the faded protests of 'You've only just bought an Orange jacket, why do you need another one'? gently fall away, I imagined myself stuck on a trawler in the North Atlantic, desperately clinging on for dear life as the perfect storm was ebbing my imaginary craft closer to a watery grave - although what fishing company would ever kit their men out in YMC is beyond me but there you go...

Still, with no boat to call my own and with an agitated missus buzzing about I decided to pack the jacket away and call it a day - until this afternoon. It just so happens that it's pissing it down in Wales (would you believe it) so I donned the salesman, chucked on my finest nautical chic and headed down to the abandoned docks to take some snaps.

Just for the record I got soaked, narrowly avoided stepping in dog shit and got eyed with some serious suspicion by a couple of workmen... The lengths I go to to get a good picture, still the YMC looks delectable, here's to it pissing it down all summer. NOT.

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