Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Few snap's.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Just ending a fantastic 13 day's off with various trip's and taking some well earned time out.
Feeling very relaxed on my birthday today and enjoying being back and settled and looking forward to playing some records this weekend at XOYO in London with the like's of Tiger&Woods and Mylo.

Apart from eating too well and too much I fell lucky with this British weather we are so famous for with the sun blaring Monday to Friday on the coast..... enjoying some beach time and kicking back in some linen's as opposed to my usual outerwear apart from the one afternoon where the cloud's turned and the wind threw the sand around quite wildly but not wild enough to stop me taking a photo of the snarling scenery change in the black and white photo near the bottom.

A man of not so many word's this week (I'm sure that will change next week when I catch up with work and I relieve my stress with various outburst's on here) so I'll leave you with a few snap's from last week......

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