Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hitney Whouston...By Saul Wilks

You know when you hear a record and you stop what you're doing and you just screw face around the room or at anyone in the local vicinity? No? Then I guarantee you will after you've heard this.

One of my favourite producers /and editors around, J-Kriv of Deep and Disco delivers this unbelievably sleazy rework of Whitney Housten's 'I wanna dance with somebody'. God rest her soul.

I've just bagged it up ready for the weekend so it should be bringing down XOYO's roof this Saturday night where me and Dangerfield will be playing on the bill with Tiger and Woods among others - If you're in the vicinity and fancy some seriously heavy sound waves then come down and say bonjour!

Until then though, enjoy Whitney as you've never heard her before and try not to simulate sex with the nearest object to you... I'm off to plate the remote, she's been asking for it all day.

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