Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Our Legacy Selvage...By Saul Wilks

I've worn the same pair of denims for a couple of years now, although I do confess to buying a backup pair when the crotch wore out through intense wear. That instrument of Denim resurrection, Doctor Denim helped re-crotch the crotchless 3 year Nudies I was rolling around in and all was well... then the inner legs frayed. Off to the Doctor once more.

With all this crotch wearing and fraying in mind I've been speculating over a new pair of denims for quite some time - I've actually got a pair on the go at the moment that I wear in the stead of their injured cousin but then we can never have too many pairs of jeans hanging up in the wardrobe not being worn.

I hit up the Goodley PR sample sale last week to wreak havoc on the racks of bargains that were there to be exploited. Folk, Oliver Spencer, YMC and Universal Works were the main labels being represented but then in amongst these four bastions of British menswear were a couple of continental names such as Engineered Garments and one of my favourites, Our Legacy.

Because I'm a sucker for a bargain I actually went down to the sale both days it was running and believe it or not the second day heralded a more pleasurable experience both in the fact that I preferred what I picked up and that it wasn't full of overly camp try hard's and East London clones bustling around like they were on an amphetamine fulled supermarket sweep.

By rule of thumb these sample sales are generally hammered a few hours into the first day so when strolling down Redchurch Street early last Thursday morning I wasn't surprised to see just one person queueing up instead of the few hundred that had been in the same place at the same time the previous morning. With not much hope of finding anything that wouldn't later end up on eBay a few months down the line I casually strolled in and leisurely flicked through the racks of waxed Oliver Spencer jackets and boring Engineered Garments seconds.

After finding a few gems and nearing the end of my short cameo appearance on day two I brushed past Folks trouser section and noticed a pair of jeans with a nice colour to them. After closer inspection it was obvious these were probably here by mistake as they were current season Our Legacy Selvage. Double taking the label my wallet exploded in orgasm, noting that the price crudely scribbled on the front was 30 bar. Bargain... Bag em up sir.

I much prefer slim fit denim - I can't get on with anything loose fitting or regular fitting, it just doesn't suit me, however these Our Legacy are a regular fit and I must admit although my girlfriend said I looked fit in them when I tried them on later that night, I know in her heart of hearts she thought I looked like a white MC Hammer. I don't blame her though, she hasn't seen me out of a pair of Nudie Long Johns since we first met, so she had a point.

Regular fit or parachute pants fit, for thirty quid I couldn't complain and Doctor Denim soon had another pair of jeans pencilled in with the instruction to taper the leg to something more wearable. In all honesty, with larking about put to one side for a moment, I actually thought they were nice in the regular fit but they just remind me too much of bespectacled malnutritioned Japanese Kids wearing ridiculously expensive Junya jackets with massive hem openings. It's a good look if you hail from Tokyo and are about ten stone, but not so good if you're an average chap from Wales.

I never actually thought I could babble so much tosh about a pair of jeans that cost me 30 sheets but there you, so without further ado, here's a few snaps. The photos probably don't do them the justice they deserve, but I reckon they're topper for summer.

I've concluded that crushing my nuts in a pair of cardboard stiff raw's isn't really my scene and it's the all about the pre fades (expects a selvage lined letter bomb through the post off over the top denim enthusiast)

Only joking, they're sky high for thirty bucks though, In my humble opinion anyway.

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