Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Oliver Spencer, Folk & Seersucker... by Shaun Dangerfield

Everyone loves presents right, giving them, receiving them.
Celebrating my birthday last week I didn't get to receive this bumper effort until Saturday from Saul and his beautiful good lady.
We are pretty easy to buy for each other seeing as we are into the same thing's in life, to a scary point at time's.
Only last month we bought the same APC t shirt within a day of each other, not knowing of course.
It's become a running joke between us over the years but as I said above it's also a good thing on birthday's and at Christmas because you don't need hint's either way.

I wasn't expecting this though, I never expect anything from anyone so when I get present's like this it's very much appreciated.
And the funny thing is I had eyed up all 3 item's over time, so not just nice gifts but items I actually want and will love wearing in the Oliver Spencer block pocket tee, the Folk multi tee and the M&S seersucker shorts.
Love it.

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