Friday, 15 June 2012

Paradise Garage Mix.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Paradise garage has been heavily covered in recent time's.
Radio, T.V, blogs, mixes, books. You name it and something's been laced with it.
Suit's me down to the ground.

So I stumbled into this mix from Simon Cordiner who filled this piece with everything I love in a good mix, snippet's from interviews and live performance's from the garage, samples and great music.
It doesn't matter how many time's you hear these records they just keep getting better.
Jam's from Geraldine Hunt & Loleatta Holloway, Thelma Houston and the amazing lick "you are my love" by Sandy Mercer to name a few.
To summarize it's an hour and a bit worth of your time, it's full of soul and good feeling and he's obviously not that bothered about the mixing but then what does that matter really ?

Enjoy x

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