Friday, 3 August 2012

Action station's.... by Shaun Dangerfield

It's been quiet here in Sinister land, way too much on recently and not enough time in the day to cram it all in. I blame the conservative's for not extending the working day.... and the weather obviously, how are you supposed to take any decent photo's with all this rain ? and then there's the recession and that has to take part blame for not enough time in the day.

I'm meeting up with Sinister Saul today over in Birmingham for a big meeting over it all.
Well actually we are gonna have a look round the record and clothing shop's and and then get some beer's down us but it all mean's the same thing, either way today is "IMPORTANT" and not just because the sun is out to play.

So just quickly before I head out I thought I would post up a few recent pick up's that I've not had chance to yet.
I played the Nest club in Dalston too Saturday just gone and I put a load of tracks/records aside that I played on the night and put a little mix together, I'll get that up when I have 5 for some weekend aural pleasure for you. ("AURAL" not "that")

First thing's first though after missing out (being really lazy and forgetting about it) on the Norse Oskar denim pop over shirt I was lucky enough to find one on the bay of doom that turned out to also be a reader of Sinister, so hat's off to you Alan (doffs tweed cap). Obviously my black magic is working in making thing's happen in life and my spell's to locate items are in full working order.... just got to be careful with all these pin's and this doll.
Secondly is nothing new (mostly because I wore them clubbing Saturday and I've wrecked them already) in some pale blue Superga, simple but effective for night's such as those.
Lastly and because I really need another vest/waistcoat is this Universal Works fisherman vest, which won't be used for any kind of fishing really.... apart from sitting in the pub winding Wilksy up fishing for bites from him.
Oh and one more thing but a new clothing label close to Sinister Delicious is "that" close to being underway.... but I'll share more on that as we get further into August.
Speak soon Bopper's

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