Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Gant Rugger Madras.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I know what you are thinking.... why have you bought a madras now ?
Fact is I have no idea, but seeing as we we're doing a spot of browsing in Birmingham on Friday I just couldn't leave this for the silly price of £30, it's a lovely shirt and will be great for knocking about in thank's to atoo (and Gant Rugger obviously).

So my semi productive planned weekend turned out to be non productive apart from if you count lounging as productive.
I had all these plans of putting a mix together with Saul and hitting various places with the camera but in all fairness as soon as we hit the beer and some food we knew full well it was going to be one of those weekends (and thoroughly enjoyable too).

A couple of shots of weekend wear and tear and the quirky Bacchus bar ceiling (one of my favourite haunts in Brum) before some full on madras love then, music post to follow....

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