Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Lake District.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Every now & then we all need to recharge our batteries and just simply chill out.
So this week we headed up to the Lake District and stopped on a farm. I forgot what it felt like to have no phone signal and no internet access... oh and no bank for 12 miles. But it was well worth it.
It felt like the twilight zone the first day as we headed round in the car trying to find an SD card for the camera which was like asking for the moon on a stick.
I kid you not I asked the fella on the counter in one of the co-op's up there for one and he said "I don't know what that is but I have batteries". Hmmmm not really going to be able to store my photo's on a battery mate so I'll keep looking thank you.
I was heavily rolling my eyes at this point but it all sorted itself out 15 & 1/2 miles later and purely by chance that drive back from Carlisle late evening emerged as such a perfect photo opportunity with the sun setting into what can only be described as a sunset dream with the rays shining through and the sun melting into the orange drop. I forgot what it felt like to see this after the year we've had.
Too much chatter anyway so I'll leave you with various photo's taken through the past week, in no order of days.

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