Thursday, 30 August 2012

Goods In..... by Shaun Dangerfield

I had a serious decision to make over this, something that took up a lot of thinking time over two day's.
I wanted a white shirt with a decent pattern and I was sorely tempted with the Novo Christophe Lemaire "light bulb" effort but I was put off mostly down to it being printed as opposed to being stitched like ya man Gitman here.
I looked at this shirt in Atoo Birmingham 3 maybe 4 times and I would keep putting it back but eventually it got the better of me with it's Japanese cotton and embroidered detailing, semi fitted and button down collar I'll get a decent wear out of this.

Next up I can't explain how long I have been looking for decent green cap, probably around 2 years now and I'm not a cap wearer anymore but when something grip's you it grip's you and my quest for a cap has ended.
LA's Undefeated x Ebbets Field wool ball cap in melton wool, I won't wear a cap often but when I do it will be this.
Lastly I bought this Denham piece to wear with the Gitman shirt above, I've not tried it on yet but it look's smart enough..... Smart enough for stalking.

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