Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shuron Sportivo...By Saul Wilks

Next Thursday we'll be setting off over to the Isle of White for this year's Bestival and it just so happens that we're lucky enough to be playing a couple of sets over the course of the weekend... To be included on any bill that has the likes of New Order and Sister Sledge to name but a few is a pretty monumental thing for us and I'm sure I speak for us both when I say we're major stoked to be involved!

Festivals are a tricky one aren't they? No one ever wants to take their best cloth in case of getting it bogging but then bowling around in faded tee's and tatty denims doesn't really cut the mustard either so with this in mind and a carefully selected festival wardrobe under debate, after the usual tosh like sleeping bag, tent and all that caper sorted out, the next thing on the list is a decent pair of sunglasses...Of course.

These Shuron Sportivo have been burning a hole in my virtual wallet all summer so I couldn't help but pull the trigger while using Bestival as the perfect excuse to justify the oner I put down on them. I haven't really bought anything of note for myself for a good while so it's swings and roundabouts really. Know what I'm saying?

To be honest I think it's testament to the changed man that I am now that I lasted this long without snapping them up, but like an old itch that just needs scratching, I couldn't help but indulge myself for old times sake.

For the record I've stuck with my faithful Han Kjobenhavns for a good two years but it's time for a shake up in the eye department and after all, no man can be expected to have just the one pair of sunglasses can he?

Guilty conscience aside, there's a couple of things I love about these; firstly, the tortoise shell frames are my idea of sunglasses heaven and are just too cool for school...I've always opted for this kind of colour as I think it looks proper classic and suave whatever style it's on.

Secondly, I love the oversized lenses. They've got this mega sleazy 80s vibe going on and I'm sure that if a pair of sunglasses were made to be worn while dropping late night boogie licks then these were sent from heaven to fill the role perfectly... I'm pretty sure they'll look great on me while I'm off my nut and cutting rug. That's the plan anyway.

Overall I'm over the moon that I finally gave in to my desires and landed these killer sunnies, I can't wait to glue them to my head for the next 2 weeks... Literally.

Now for the sun and plenty of it... What you saying Ra?

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