Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New Crepes...By Saul Wilks

 It would seem that I've caught that bug again...Only a few days after splurging on some new sunglasses I couldn't help but delve into the footwear market. And I was doing so well. Shit.

Larking about aside, these Pointer Higgle crepes have been on my radar for months and months and months. It just so happens that they were slashed from 185 sheets down to 75 courtesy of Notting Hills The Garbstore. As it goes a further 50% discount had been added so I walked away with these gems for 35 quid, which has got to rank up there with one of the best bargains I've ever had.

You've got to love some monk strap action haven't you? These are the bollocks man, I kid you not. Brushed tan suede, nice big chunky buckle straps and a lovely moulded crepe sole. To summarise, these are one mean, killer pair of kicks.

I'm still buzzing about the price I paid for them, I don't think you can beat that to be honest! Definitely one of the best pairs Pointer have put out since their conception in my opinion and one of the strongest collections to date overall!

I'll get some good wear out of these during the rest of our Indian summer, although I'll refrain from wearing them on a night out like I did their cousin, the Crago (they got absolutely battered on their début) but then you live and learn I guess...

Certified Tuesday afternoon winner bar none, thank you Garbstore!

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