Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tender Ticking Stripe.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Another piece in from William Kroll's British label.
A future heavy hitter in the hard wear stakes that for me rivals players such as LVC and RRL with their no nonsense built to last clothing. Each piece feel's like it's giving you a background into how it was made, that moment you pick something up and appreciate what has gone into it. That's what you get with Tender.
I covered quite a large piece on him last year some time after I picked up some other Tender garments but for those reading who have not looked into Tender yet and to summarise William Kroll learnt his denim trade in Japan and experiments and succeed's in the dyeing process's that he uses, It's easy to band the wording about "Crafted" these days but the work and love that goes into these items is not something you generally see or find and the past couple of years in general I'm constantly drawn to hard wearing but current clothing, not to be confused with work wear which again is banded around too easily, thousands of items linked to work or heritage that wouldn't last you a week outside in the real world.
I feel like I could wear this for week's on end (not like a tramp....thinking more along the lines of Tom Hanks castaway) and the ground I was walking on would give in before this split. The kind of item that Jesus would wear while working on his carpentry.... and if it's good enough for Jesus then it's good enough for me.*

*Please note Tender has never and will never liken this to "what Jesus wears" this is copyright Sinister Delicious.

Now if you excuse me I'm off to make a coffee table for a big supper I'm planning.

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