Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hollie Cook.... by Shaun Dangerfield

It's not very often these day's that I buy vinyl that I wouldn't want to play out, put in a mix or whatever because I'm constantly looking for music to play out I very rarely just buy something that I would only play to myself.
I have had this on the list since last year but finally picked it up with a 7" of her's (that I will play out).
Hollie Cook has been around for some time now but she's one of those artists you either know or you don't, destined for a musical career with her father being Sex Pistol's drummer Paul Cook and mother being Jeni Cook who had some backing vocal roll's for Culture Club, and from that Boy George became her Godfather. It didn't start off too bad for her did it really ?

Her roots are deep in Reggae/Ska/Dub but some of her work is very pop' and that cross over I've always loved because it's always drenched in beautiful lyrics or melody.
Her voice on some tracks are amazing, I'm not completely into her because I can't get into the full on dub work she does but have a listen to her track "Milk & Honey" and wait for her vocals to kick in, produced with Prince Fatty on the Mr Bongo label it give's for great laid back listening.
The album is self named Hollie Cook and has some gem's on for future cocktail supping.
The other vinyl I picked from her was the 7" collaboration with Prince Fatty again on the Mr Bongo label of "And the best goes on" the cover of the Whispers post Disco classic, it gives it a certain new edge similar to what Alice Russell did with "Seven nation army" which again I hammered over time.
I'm going to put them all up here and you can judge them for yourselves, you might hate them.... you might love them.
First up Hollie Cook "And the beat goes on"
Followed by The Whispers "And the beat goes on"
Followed by Hollie Cook "Milk & Honey" (again wait for her vocal to drift in)
Followed by Alice Russell "Seven Nation Army"

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