Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Last Buys of Our Indian Summer...By Saul Wilks

It's certainly been a funny old summer hasn't it? We've had weeks and weeks of rain and minging greyness and now at the very end everything has fallen into place and Apollo has pulled his finger out.

This actually worked in my advantage seeing as this past weekend I found myself on the IOW for Bestival. The weather was piping hot and gorgeous, I couldn't fault it.

Being the kind of chap I am, I checked the forecast way in advance and kept checking right until the day I was leaving to make sure my new purchases would be getting a good wear.

Aside from a couple of plain YMC's I had a decent splurge in the their Spitalfields store and stocked up on some quality basics that served me well throughout the duration of the festival and will no doubt feature heavily until the weather starts to turn for the worse...

Here's the pick of the bunch, encompassing a couple of the tonal marl tee's and the spot on block stripe tee.

Good old YMC, they never fail to disappoint - one of them's a Newport head too.

Can't complain for a little over a ton, spot on sunshine fodder.

YMC Tonal Marl Red

YMC Block Stripe Bold

YMC Tonal Marl Cream

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