Wednesday, 10 October 2012

12" delight.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Now I'm pretty stuck in my ways and against the Hot Creations label, not so much the label or music but just what it become and what it is now so it was going to take a filthy little number like this to entice me to buy from them.
Miguel Campbell..... I've probably played his 2 man creations a hell of a lot more than his own productions.
With Matt Hughes in the form of M.A.M I know we've played at least one of their records at each party we've played in the past 18 months. But this little number is a different gravy and luckily the b side is the M.A.M remix so I get the best of both worlds.
"Not that kind of girl" on the HOT CREATIONS label.... Put ya' feet up, have a listen, blow ya' socks off and cut some rug up.
Next up on the Gutterfunk label is this absolute gem that tore Horatia apart in August when we played there and can be heard in my Captain Turtle Boogie Cartel mini mix further down the page.
I had the digital unreleased version and I had to get it on vinyl just to keep.
An odd setting this one, an original Boogie lick made from scratch from the Bristol peeps Christophe (Futureboogie) DJ Die (known for his DnB) Bristol drummer Desi Rogers, Joker on keys (known for his Dubstep) & Chloe Lang on vocals.
Just simply devastating on a dance floor.
Put your back in it son.....
And lastly is this funky little number on the Vanguard label.... Twilight 22 "Mysterious" which I found with some other records on last weekends trip to Manchester, just pure 80's beef.... see the beauty in it x

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