Thursday, 11 October 2012

Eastland and Oliver Spencer...By Saul Wilks

With winter now firmly on the horizon, I thought it best to sort myself out with a decent pair of boots that'll come in handy when it doesn't snow... Joking aside, I learned a harsh lesson last winter when I tried to navigate the streets of London with a pair of Grenson on my feet. I might as well have been wearing blocks of ice, as they had about as much grip as a couple of banana skins.

If I said I'd ever been into the whole hiking boot thing I'd be lying as it's never really appealed to me and I'm of the opinion that you've got to go the full hit with that whole look other wise you'll look like bit of a numpty... Urban hiker I am not, so the likes of Diemme are strictly a no no for moi, however these rather ace Eastland's most definitely are and I'm glad I decided to have a pop at them.

I'm sure the pictures do the talking but just to summarise, these have got some fine robust leather action going down (which sounds extremely homosexual when read back) and have some pretty cool contrasting laces that compliment the lovely colour of the leather nicely. Yellow X oak brown, yeah, it's definitely an aesthetically pleasing combination in my book.

Waffle aside, the thing I like most about these is the fact I can wear them with slim denim without looking like an extra from Rompa Stompa, although Russell Crowe and his merry band of psychotic skinheads were decked out in Dr Martens, granted, but you can see where I'm coming from... I'm not really down with looking like I've just strolled out of Central Saint Martins.

Moving on from footwear into the realms of knitwear, getting kitted out for winter has obviously been high on my agenda as a gaggle of purchases lately have been massively geared towards the changing climes. This Oliver Spencer knit has been pick of the purchases for me over the past month... It's down right gorgeous.

I wont harp on about how much I love Oliver Spencer, those facts are well documented throughout the archives of Sinister Delicious, however I will say that when he's producing garments that are as good as this, there's no doubt why it's one of my favourite labels.

Spot on doesn't quite cut it...

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